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The stream of life is flowing through us in every moment, and there is no better way to feel this than by singing. I help you explore your own voice by creating a space in which you will become immersed in your own sound and of those around you.

I lead in an organic way in which each and every person is led through my presence and responses, ensuring that the experience is a joyful one.

Throughout the year there are a number of workshops that are open to all.

In addition to this I respond to invitations to lead one-off short workshop sessions.

Singing workshops consist of warm-ups, simple rounds from across the globe, bringing instant rewards. We move onto songs of more complexity, with numerous parts including international folk, African, soul, gospel and freedom songs; suiting all abilities and wishes.

You will come home to your natural way of expression. You don’t even need come with the hope of finding your voice, as you will most wonderfully discover that your true voice simply finds you.

Feeling relaxed and enthused at the end of a workshop, the sense of accomplishment is great and surprising. Many participants find that they have waited their entire life to experience such a flowing journey.

I customise events for special workshops around the country with the same agenda – to liberate all voices in song.

You are so welcome to join us!


“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think” – Rumi